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Christmas Graphics...More of em...

Ok, yes I know I made another thread with this, but that one kinda went off topic, and so I made this one. If one of you MODs comes to this, please close the other thread, not this one. This one has more Gfx, and are easier to find.

Below, I will list all the Christmas Graphics I've done so far. I'll include stats and all that with them.



Name: Santa Grenade
Type: Grenade
Damage: 33
Cost: $16
Limit: 100

Name: Candy Cane
Type: Melee
Damage: 19 (S), stabs
________38 (D), throws it
Cost: $500
Ammo: Combat Knifes

Name: Snowman Grenade
Type: Grenade
Damage: 28
Cost: $13
Limit: 100

Name: Christmas Gloves
Type: Melee
Damage: (s)-throws snowball doing 24 dmg
________(d)- makes snowman
Cost: $500


Description: Horses, should now pull sleighs around on the map

Description: Once Built (with gloves), player can "hop" inside, and "control" the snowman. The player get no extra hp, or shields (it uses player hp). S button, spits "coal" at enemys, while D spins the center peice of the snowman.

Also, upload head (khead6) into Zone, so the players can use the white beard on there character.

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