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Exclamation mp3's on a server

I've got a problem where I log into the Default level of my server Called "Power station" and it doesn't play the song, because some child of mine logged on and turned it off named "Zoey". In this new plan of your guys to fix grail lusty for 2015,
side note about "Graal truth" um, im wondering if you expect the same deamon to treet you, and make you as like him to me.

The script changed and formatted is as follows.

function onPlayerEnters() {

Simple soultions would be to give the CD out for friends, and actually talk about how it sounds? It really sounds like a power station. people raid the powerstations and try to boost their bases with power so they don't need nightvision. the moon isn't always dark until all the powerstations are not running. that's when everyone has to run to the light side even if the server was perfected. something stupid to say idk it sounds kinda threating, im just giving options of what actually might happen. The sun could give a desiese to people and make them truly zombies. or something. pollution really. and somehow, the only option is to move to the moon, mars is too far of a destionation.
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