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Quitting Graal for a while until iclassic is released for android

I have better games to play. I have recently moved over to valve's steam platform, and I find their company hospitable. More people who understand troll humor there, good boards/forums, and my friends from real life play on there, and most of the games I own there.
My name is ferb12321 there if you would like to add me.
Thanks for the wonderful 1 year long ride here, I racked about 3k hours across zod and era. I'm not giving away my stuff on era or zod, but I will still log on time to time to do the holiday events, and browse the boards most of the time.
If anyone cares about Graal in general, just let the PC version die from lack of playercount/management roles so unixmad and co. can focus on their real moneymakers, iclassic and iera, and soon to be iGK and iZone, and the respective facebook and soon-to-be andriod versions of all of them.
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