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Originally Posted by Tigairius View Post
Please provide more script.
In a Control Profile I use this

Graal Script Code:
  new GuiControlProfile"GuiLegendsTextEditProfile")
bitmap "guilegends_textedit.png"
border 5;
cankeyfocus true
transparency 1
opaque 1;
fontcolor = { 000255}; 
fonttype "Alanden"
fillcolor fillcolorhl fillcolorna = { 1811840255}; 
textoffset = { 101};
and as fot the actual text box. (It's in a for loop so don't mind the temp.a)

Graal Script Code:
      new GuiTextEditCtrl"Start_Create_Name_TextBox" temp.a)
position    = { 34025 32 temp.a};
extent      = { 12824};        
profile     "GuiLegendsTextEditProfile";
text        temp.== 0"Unknown"temp.== 1"head0.png""body.png";
tabcomplete true

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