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Originally Posted by Jakov_the_Jakovasaur View Post

the problem i mentioned previously involved writing to an attr rather than reading

as for the original problem i mentioned where it does involve reading an attr, usually using the concatenate method does fix it however even that fails in the latest mac client
My apologies. I have run into this question so many times I had assumed it was this (relatively common) Graal bug and not something new and more sinister.

How can you tell if the problem is with writing or reading the attr? If the problem is with reading and even the concatenation method doesn't fix it, then it would appear the same as writing!

Have you troubleshot it in other ways? Such as..

blah.attr[5] = "1_words";

blah.attr[5].length() -- is this 1 or is it 7?
blah.attr[5] @ "" -- is this still 1?

And have you tried it with different delimiters than "_" with no luck?

I suppose the worst case scenario involves setting the data acrossed multiple .attr[]'s or balling the data into one attr via numbers, and that's your current workaround?

I don't have a Mac unfortunately, so I'm not able to test any of this to see.
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