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Shaded Legend Hiring's - August 2006

As many know shaded legend is undergoing massive updateing . just about every department is hireing except for the player relation ones (pr/et/faq/gp) . we are going to start hiring some gat's as we need old images fixed and improved where possable . as well as finish some old ones that were never completed . the nat team has been hiring for awhile now but we still dont have enough people working on script's . but we wont be hiring any nat's who can not use gs2 . gani we do have work for also tho some will require putting alot of small pieces together . some will just be changeing the image directory's in the gani's files and some make be makeing whole gani's . sat is hiring tho i dont anyone will find any sound editor's in graal anymore . for hiring's player's should contact either James205 or myself Loakey_P2P . more information can be found at .
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