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Originally Posted by Tim_Rocks View Post
I think if those restrictions were lifted sooner that we'd whistling to a different tune.
Maybe different tune but still singing in the same key. I think a bigger problem ws the fact that all the servers up until then were open world based. You just came across quests randomly as you explored. Back in the late 90's and early 2000's yes this could hold it's own. But after the internet boom, and the major shift from dialup to cable or even dsl people's eyes started opening up to other cool games. People began to multi-task online more and it distanced the player from the actual game. And who blames them? Back in the day you were lucky to download a half dozen mp3's, and you could take a crap in the time it took to open another web page.

The only way PC graal will be saved is if everyone works together to improve the general overall quality of the product. I know a lot of people hate cutscenes and stuff. But there kinda important aspect of the game. After all look at all the major games being released. These multi-million and multi-billion dollar gaming companies certainly wouldn't go full retard and put something in there product if they knew it was that bad of an idea especially having used them for many many years. A great example to this would probably be the new Zelda for Wii U. Which is a game so recent to todays times its not even out yet xD

I just wish Graal the Adventure PC, fccmike's version would have inspired more people to create quality. Also, delteria did a pretty good job on the RPG front, but we lack other genre's now. Adventure has been lost. Era does well with the whole modern aspect. But we really don't have a whole lot of options.
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