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Insomnia Revival - The Zombies Are Coming

(I know It's bad form to have two threads going for the same thing at once, but the old one's still called Area Z for Bruges' sake...)

The Zombie Server Lives - Again!

Ahem. So I got the zombies up and running, got the map built, got shotguns that can kill the zombies...hell, go on and check it out yourself. It's coming back from an abandoned project. Most importantly, I pulled Terazel Tenjin (The Original Game Coordinator, or at least the one who harassed me into making them an official staff whatsit back when Classic mattered) (halfway) out of retirement to write the plot for this server. It's gonna be awesome; 3 outposts around an abandoned city rich with yet-untapped resources, endless waves of zombies crawling out of the woodwork, we're gonna have Granfaloon style boss-zombies raiding the outposts, we got the framework for a gun customization system (and another system that means that even though YOU'RE gonna die, your gun gets passed down to your next character) - and in true Survival Horror Tradition, it's all about who makes it the longest as supplies dwindle and the zombies keep on coming, culminating in a desperate last stand. (Then the winners get a Very special, Very secret prize, and the other two outposts start over with all the supply depots re-opened).

And naturally, we need all the help we can get...anyone who remembers The First Graalympics knows that I'm fully capable of making an entire server by myself, but it's better when there are people who know what they're doing in charge of graphics, ganis, levels and NPCs...

Oh yeah, here's the map. Shhh, it's totally original, you're just imagining that it looks familar. ;-D
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