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Originally Posted by Stefan View Post
The thing is that waitfor() is working fine, ...
I actually uncovered this because waitfor exhibits this behavior.

e: The call stack is only severed at the call from script A to script B. The call stack is intact for any function calls within B.

What I have looks like this:

PHP Code:
function onCreated() {
thing = new TStaticVar();
thing.set = function () {
    if (
B.ask("Are you sure?")) {
fool_the_DCO 1;
"foo"); // never called

onKeyPres$ed() {

$ inserted to get around the silly security.

PHP Code:
public function ask(text) {
temp.resp display(text,{"yes","no"});
temp.resp); // echo just fine
return temp.resp// call stack severed, never returns

display() {
  for (
temp.i=0temp.i<pagestemp.i++) {
// ask for player input
while (!waitfor(,"onPlayerInput"));
temp.r// returns just fine

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