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1) accounts system now sucks because lifetime classic was a great deal; repaying for gold sucks, is expensive overtime, and other games have so much more to offer than graal does, at the same price.

2) the current servers are not aimed at creating the atmosphere and game play once enjoyed by classic servers. while servers may have awesome scripts and graphics, there is still nothing to keep players playing except experience points, worthless NPCs, and hats.

3) graal being promoted as a gaming engine for developers was and still is a terrible idea, because 90% of the people who play or who would play graal, are not developers. people don't want to make content, they want to enjoy content already provided for them.

4) developers are too widespread over a spectrum of unmotivated and generally terrible servers. an excess of leadership which has lead to the amount of servers is also to blame, because not all developers want to head in the same direction with their work, and no global seems to be taking the lead to unite all the developers to make at least one actually good server, whether theme or classic.

5) cyberjourers in general is heading in a different business direction, one that will not help graal. the globals, under their direction, either don't have the freedom, time, or motivation to help us out. that actual players of graal don't seem capable of bringing graal back, at least by ourselves, and the staff don't seem willing of bringing graal back, or at least the heads of graal don't.
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