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I know I've promised a timeline for our development and haven't delivered, but I've been juggling dates trying to keep the expected on pace with what we've done.

We will be doing 4 phases of alpha testing before we even think about opening the server (we don't want to open the server at all without it being functional at the base level, that's disastrous).

It will be a first come first serve of 50 people at the most and will take place on PC Graal (we're still a UC server, so it has to be there). Once the date is set in stone, without a doubt and not moving, I will announce and give a week for people to PM me their accounts and will add them in until it is at 50.

The first alpha test will be very basic. It is testing movement, animations, lag, a few weapons, pking, sparing, and npc interaction (including baddies). We will have a way for every player to post up bugs, and beg that, please, every player try to break our systems and report every bug they find for scripts or levels.

Our expected alpha test stage 1 date is Feb 14th at 8pm Central Time to Feb 16th at 8pm Central Time. This is subject to change, because we have to have the systems in place to test them. During this time, we will not assist players with anything unless they are stuck in a wall or something like that. We may test various systems on players without their acknowledgement as well. We will not be fixing any bugs immediately either. This is to gather data on bugs, what players like, and what they don't, then go from there after the alpha test.

The server will be closing back up after this alpha test for continued development and fixing issues. All players are first come first serve for each alpha test, none get to keep testing unless they "sign up" for each alpha test. There are no reserved spots. If you don't contribute during a test, you will be removed when noticed and not allowed to join another alpha test.

Please don't PM me for alpha testing now. I'd rather not set people up for it until a week or so before we're ready to get it set up.

We're also still hiring. See our hiring thread ( for details on the positions.

It's difficult to keep 3 social sources up to date with the same content sometimes. There are screenshots of new things on the graalians forum, and we will be keeping our facebook page the most "up-to-date" as time goes on.
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