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I've been working on our new movement, and got some of the barebones down, but need them to be more precise (wall checks, hurting, etc). Also going to be putting in our new stuff on there.

The chat is being reworked as well (not the box, the player chat). It was a mess to be honest, and just needs to be done properly. Once all this is done, I'll post more screenshots, or maybe a video since movement is included as well. NPCs are on the backburner right now until this important stuff is done.

The tileset was being reworked a little as well to make everything match better. As it stands, the basics are almost completed, and a fix/redo of some of the levels will be done because of the tile errors that will most likely arise. We'll also be getting images for some of the ui done in this time as well.

Hopefully, as I've been saying, we will have the basics for the main floating island to be complete soon. Once it is, and things work, and there are things to do and test, we'll be opening up the server. Just have to make sure the basics are right and complete before we do so.

Also we've had extra staff members join/return. Right now it's still mostly just I and Decus but hopefully things will go more quickly as they get more involved. Our server name finally got changed to "Elysium" as well.
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