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There have been said much things about Dutchies, but I think that 1 of the problem is that in this generation of Zone players its nice if youre a good lamer, but the oldbees don't agree with that.
We just dont accept each other style off players, but this generation has grown up with laming.
When they started playing zone, they got lamed lamed and lamed, but they didnt quit and go on and became a good player by itself,and then you only want to do 1 thing: Laming to.
We have never seen otherwise we just don't know better.

I also think that all what have been said about the Dutchies is a bit to much, at the other side I fully agree that we WERE terrible, but things have changed and I have changed to, Jurre and I have set up a new Generation, but that time is past.
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