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Infractions (Forum driving license)

Each forum user is receiving today a blank forum driving license with 3 points, each infraction will take a number of points from your driving license. Your loosen points are automaticaly recovered after 10 days.

Here are the list of infraction and the number of points taken:
  • * Spam: 1 Point
    * Personal attack against someone: 1 Point
    * Inappropriate Language: 1 Point
    * Posting Non-Graal related links/url's: 1 Point
    * Signature/avatar/custom title violation: 2 Points
    * Recreating deleted/closed thread: 2 Points
    * Recreating deleted/closed post: 2 Points
    * Discussing bans or infractions: 2 Points
    * Evading the curse filter: 2 Points
    * Inappropriate content (videos, gfx, text, etc...): 2 Points
    * Insulted other member(s) and Inappropriate language: 3 Points
    * Severe inappropriate content (may result in permanent ban depending on severity): 3 Points
    * Custom infraction can be given: number of points will be decided by the moderator.

If your 3 points are taken from your forum driving license, your account will be automatically banned for 1 week.

For each infraction you will receive an explanation.

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