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Originally Posted by Anero View Post
Being able to play wherever you are is pretty convenient.
I think that's the main reason why the iOS servers are much more popular.

It's sad for sure, but the old generation is slowly but surely disappearing.
I think mobility does play some role in it but then again the actual physical quality of an iOS server vs a PC server shows that the iOS server quality is bit better. Then to top it off you don't even need to advertise your game its super super easily found in the app stores as opposed to how you accidetnly find something amongst the 100 trillion pc's hooked up to the world wide web. Simply put theres no advertisement on pc, theres not the same quality for all pc servers only a few.. and its not as portable (except everyone uses laptops these days anyways).

Something I found odd, people turn graal sounds off religiously.. o.O I'm like whoa they don't wanna be like in the game.. they just want the game running.. then there own music or there own tv show.. and next thing you know there player hasn't moved 16 hours and there still sitting in bomboria trade on graal kingdoms.. multi-tasking on the internet has devastated mankind ability to focus on just 1 task. back in the days of dialup you got on graal and thats all you did and you prayed it could handle it.. now we have like 15 tabs open in our web browser thats open while the game is.. xD with 5 chat windows open not even paying attention to graal. then we just throw a fit when theres a low player count because we demand more people witness how lazy were are just idling xD
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