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Originally Posted by Urahara112 View Post
This isn't even remotely close to the point bud. Are you really so childish? You literally sound like one of the BTK kids from UN,
just like the other two with childish behavior.

It blows my mind that some people are still around here for years that give absolutely nothing to the game or the community, and are only filled with negativity.
It is a point when your saying you never seen her around. What have you done for the community may I ask? I'm still a highly active developer for graal that works at least 40 hours a week on this game.

Originally Posted by Gold1 View Post
Your points are valid, but to a point. No one has time to just make another server completely from scratch and there's no reason to. Carlito has an issue with "toxic people" not the server itself. This all falls back to management and why I'm saying in MY personal opinion that Stowen is the only one left who is fit for the position. Let's say hypothetically we did start completely from scratch and ended up having a solid totally different server with a high playercount. The second Carlito seen these previous (toxic) players he would just take it upon himself and shut the server down rather than have management deal with this issue. Which, when it comes to player harassment etc. that is THEIR job. (it's actually the GP's job but over excessive management should step in) Carlito should not have to step in unless he is absolutely needed.
I don't care either way, as I said before PC Graal is dead and continuing to decay. I was just shedding light on the subject and voicing my personal opinion about the matter.
This is getting very old.. But lets just get my head around what your saying. I would just shutdown the server huh. I honestly, don't think any global has ever just randomly shut a server down, besides the server recently that used UNs content after the staff was removed (the content still exists on UN). However UN was giving multiple chances before it came to this conclusion and it was BOTH staff and toxic players that was the issue. Most the staff WAS btk, Stowen was the first management that was giving a shot. Which led him to quit because we prevented him from hiring some toxic said individuals. HIM, you was there and you know what your saying isn't true.

In the end UN is dead, and to never return that decision is final. However you guys may log on the server for some old memories enjoy.
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