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I just figured Koho was bringing it up to say "I want to vote to change the manager now." Other people complained about them earlier in the thread, as though to say the same:

From personal relationships, and just some observation... only 1 (Ice) of the past 5 Managers (Zach, MD, Fidel, Ice, Zao) actually wanted/did anything with the position beyond babysitting it.
The reason I brought all of it up is that players will complain about whatever is in charge, no matter how good of a job they're doing. Look at almost all of the past managers. You can browse through the hall in the events place; can you really pull out more than like 3 or 4 that you thought did a good job? But somehow Era has managed to stay alive and making new stuff for like 15 years (without paying anybody for it). I don't think players should get the choice of who runs things, because it would change hands too quickly for anyone to get started on real projects, and some of the people that would get chosen would be horrible. Era is supposed to be more like a business than a government, and that's how we can be efficient. If everyone's out campaigning to the players to stay/get Manager, and still get cycled around before they can learn the ropes, nothing will get done.

The reason I got so defensive is because I thought this thread was supposed to be a personal attack on current management (saying "hey, we need new management, so let me vote on who it is").

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