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Originally Posted by Stephen View Post
Voting for an actual change isn't affective. However, if Era wanted to devise a way for players to rate the manager on a monthly basis that would be more affective.

For example, the player logs in on the first of the month and is given the opportunity to rate the manager from 1-10. The results are displayed publicly. You may vote at any time once a month.

This way you could record the managerial performance month over month; i.e., "Oh, Zao has had a rating greater than 60% for the last 4 months, he is a good manager".
Sounds good but the question is. What if they get rated poorly, what happens then?

@Bluemelon.. I honestly disagree about the 'having balls to be the manager'. If you have good plans and determination then i see no reason why you wouldn't go ahead and deliver them.

Also, why would they always be negative in the ratings? If they are doing a good job, keeping a good functional working team, delivering projects. I see no reason why they wouldn't be rated highly.
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