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Exclamation Graal 3D Production - Asking for help

Hey guys!

It's Fyse VizeVerza.

I've started a project which I really want to get completed in the least time possible.
I realize you all have lives outside of Graal, and I respect that.
I just need as many people helping out with this project as possible.

I have already coded up a game engine that supports many types of 3D models.
If you'd like to see what took me One day to make, you can follow the link here:
(Read description first)

Looking for people who can:
-Make good sounds
-Make 3D models (Blender is a good program for this)
-Make 2D model textures (Like flattened skin)
-Or just people with some good ideas to create!

You do not need experience, but I do wish for it to look good in the ending result.

Comment opinions, if you'd like to help out, whatever.
I don't check this site often, SSSI you can contact me on Facebook (Fyse VizeVerza).

P.S. if this thread is posted in the wrong section, I couldn't think of where it'd fit. So please move it for me.
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