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Originally Posted by MattKan View Post
I'd say UN has more content than your server.
Now your trolling, ask the Manager of UN he is also staff on Delteria.
Maybe they have more events? But Delteria isn't revolved around events, we honestly decided to not use the graal style event type system. We feel its a cop out for the lack of content a server has. We decided to do Events that involve the game. E.g A cart breaks down from going to A to B, and you have to defend this cart against a horde of zombies. World Bosses that randomly spawn on the world etc etc.

-Edit Again: The GUis may not be quality but every system on delteria is quality, every bit of gameplay is quality. You have Non GATs creating GUIs, so there not upto par, but the system ts self is definitely up to par on quality.
Edit: And its not "MY SERVER", hence how I say we. Delteria wasn't created by just me or Novo, it was created by a group of developers. You just want to argue with me, that's fine I don't have time for it, ill reply when you have some constructive criticism instead of bashing remarks.
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