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Delteria Updated (Again)

~Completed List of Features~
-Quest Design System
-Instance System
-60 Run around Quests
-8 Dungeons
-Telegraph Combat System
-Modify Gear (Sockets)

-Perk Trees (So you can build your toon the way you want)

-Jobs (Fishing, River Panning, Farming Crops, Farming Bushes, Lumbering, Bug Catching)

-Housing System (Choose a location on the over world WHERE YOU want to live)

-Item Crafting/Socket Crafting/Potion Crafting
-Item Rarity (Orange-Legendary/Purple-Epic/Blue-Rare/Green-Common/White-Basic)

~Completed This Week~
- Market/Auction System - Novos Post
We've mostly focused on updating the player experience. In addition to the previous video, this video features:
-Selling items in larger quantities
-Adding a message to your item auction
-Seeing the original owner of the item and the latest bidder / bid winner
-Going to the owner / bidder's profile
-Coloured rows according to the status (lost, losing, winning, won / closed with no bidders, no bidders, bidder, bid won)
-More advanced search; also supports searching by tags
-A new tab 'What's hot' shows the items that have the most bids on them

These improvements really make the Market system a solid place for selling items to the general masses. This system complements the Trade system which allows you to customize the trade with individual players.

We have decided to post-pone other enhancements until release:
- We would like to have search by category
- We would like to specify a bid amount (in addition to incremental bids)
- We would like to make the Market look and feel a lot better

- Achievement System -
- Tracking System anything can be tracked and achieved in the game
- Achievement EXP System, every achievement level obtain you recieve a perk point.
- Track your friends and other players achievements and there progress

~Delteria Support
~Playerworld Support
~PWA Chief
[email protected]

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