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Originally Posted by DustyPorViva View Post
I already stated my opinion on that. This seems less about what seems better for Graal and more like you just want to piss at anyone who doesn't agree with you and get them to bow down to you if you get the feeling they 'changed to your side'. These whole back and forth posts have been me posting, and then you posting some disagreement+insult/snide/sarcastic remark when I didn't even provoke it.

However, going back to the original post you posted. You said, "graal doesn't need new and better development tools" and I strongly disagree. It does need new and better development tools, because it does sell itself as such. It's not fair to **** all over these customers and give all those customers what they want. I never said one needed it more over the other, just that development tools do need to be upgraded, and they do. Whether or not one needs it over the other is something I already covered, and something I consider a null point to argue over.
i get the same vibe from reading what you post, because yea both types of updates are needed, and yea you don't want to **** over the developers who have been paying for servers; but nothing is coming out any time soon, people are quitting with nothing to bring them back, and having (on a good day) only 500 or so people on every server is terrible, it's a steady decline until it gets down to the core of graal's players, and when they start quitting then everything's pretty much done, though that probably won't happen for awhile. i'm hoping something will get finished eventually, whenever eventually is

also, ****ing over the majority of active players who pay subscriptions and to classic accounts to god knows when anything interesting will come out < delaying tool updates for developers

also, sorry for the animosity on my part