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Originally Posted by MiniOne View Post
Was this a real application?
Or just a example of a application?
Its interesting though long.
Yes, this is a real application. I wouldn't object to other's using it as an example, as the format some of the other applicants take make the applications seem quite dry and boring. One my differences that set me apart from the other applicants is that I like to "spice" things up a little and have fun to a degree!

Originally Posted by Clockwork View Post
Hell a really nice way.
You've proven how you handle positions of power through some of your moderation, which I won't argue about.
I'd like to just address this and move on with it. I invite any of you (Not trying to single Clockwork out in this instance) who have a problem with my moderation to forum PM me if there is a specific post which you are referring to. I won't ask others to reply for me, but some users have messaged me about their post and I've worked with them.

I try to be reasonable with how I do my job, but my job is to enforce the forum rules. I love suggestions, because if there is a problem with how I am doing my job it gives me insight on how other's feel I do my position.

Your insight allows for me to improve and do a better job in the future. I'm not perfect as I said within my application referring to my grammar, but I can work to improve on anything. We all make mistakes, but the goal is to improve and learn from our mistakes so in the future we don't make the same mistake again.

I like referring to the common analogy,"Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me!" Please understand that I'll explain my reasoning to you, but there are some posts that I will not restore.

Originally Posted by Ravenblade1979 View Post
@Supernanny: Unique application but I would like to see you fine tune your art of writing. Just a bit, not much in fact.

Otherwise I would vote for pooper for this job.
I agree, my writing isn't always the best. I find entertaining challenge in working to constantly improve my writing and I enjoy shifting my style of writing. I get tired following the same format of communication, and I like to keep things interesting!

The act of keeping the method in which I speak interesting allows for players to to be interested in reading when I speak. If we stick to the same dry format, players are bound to lose interest.

Originally Posted by Nataxo View Post
I don't like how you use your Staff positions, ughhhh. No.
I'm not sure if this is in response to how I moderate or if it is in response to how I perform my duties on Zone as GP/ET/FAQ Chief on Zone. Either way, I am always open to suggestions. If you have a problem with how I do my jobs I do, feel free to contact me about it in a forum PM.
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