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Originally Posted by Kappa00p2p View Post
Make kingdoms and zone free to play all week and make the other servers free to play on the weekends. Subscribers can play at the current rate and have access to all servers 24/7. Revert back to the one time fees for p2p accounts. Back when graal went p2p a lot of people left because buying things over the internet was viewed as risky business. Now, it is common place.
Yeah, really. Not sure why they ever started this whole "classic gold"
I am one who buys accounts yearly and so do my friends. I have around 8, Meph has around 17, Diaz has around 15 or so. I mean, obivously people were buying new accounts, why charge even more for these poor new players and old players just wanting a new account?

I refuse to buy anymore accoutns till classic is lifetime free again and I can actually name my damn account.

But anywho, as for Kingdoms and Zone, they seriously need to be p2p and not gold for a little while or maybe just give gold players extra little tad bits other than pissing off classic players with observer mode. I know the disadvantage has to be rgeat enough to where they want to buy gold, but seriously....all observer mode does is piss players off.
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