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Originally Posted by Admins View Post
The RC will need to be updated to use the community names, will try to do that soon.
Apparently not. That's what this game lacks -- player input before this kind of stuff, motive to do something, and good ideas.

Graal###### accounts are horrid. To enforce this statement, someone on a playerworld tried to add me to staff list to help check up on something, and they couldn't figure out if I was Programmer or Graal702360. It gets highly annoying whenever account operations in RC need to be done. (i.e open attributes, edit rights/comments/access)

Motivation. Need I say more? Ever since Graal v5, I've seen very few beneficial updates to the Graal client and satellite programs. Hell, Graal Editor hasn't been updated in years! Also, what happened to Graal 3D? Was it ditched or something? Where is the motivation to update!

Good ideas -- This speaks for itself. Stefan and unixmad have good potential, but they lack good ideas. This thread is a prime example. The Graal###### accounts have a few advantages, but the disadvantages outweigh them. Playerlist doesn't show community names, it shows the Graal###### names. How are we supposed to know who's who? We're not going to remember accounts like Graal702360, we're going to remember accounts like Programmer and whatnot.

I highly suggest re-evaluating your ideas.
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