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My biggest issue with the Graalxxxxxx accounts, mixed with the Commuinty Names is the fact that when someone (EG: Litter [Andrew] or Yocas [Another Graal staff on Era]) has an RC, it's a pain in the arse when they prefer to use /opencomments, directly, and it opens the comments of their Graal account, and if you want to add work for them, you have to go into the Server Options to figure out which one is which, and who is who, etc.

People who choose their community name can't choose a name already taken by another account or community name, which works exactly the same as accounts. Sure, after playing for a short while, they can choose a name, but it really shouldn't matter when they choose the "Name" they want, whether it be an account name they get stuck with before playing, or if they choose it later. It lacks uniqueness, for those who decide not to choose a community name, so when I see "Graalxxxxxx did something", I have to think about "Well, who the heck is THAT???", but that's just me, since the day I started Graal, I've generally used "Show Account instead of nick on playerlist", so everyone looks the same
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