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Originally Posted by fowlplay4 View Post
Things that stick out to me:

1. The 5 color gradient.
2. Lack of GUI consistency. You guys have like 20 GATs, the least you can do is develop a better set of default GUI profiles than those gray-scale ones. This project is hyped to be one of the 'biggest pieces of Graal work ever' and yet your GUIs don't reflect that.
3. That vector overworld map is an insult to your actual overworld, that whole map GUI looks messed up.
1. The 5 color gradient? Are you talking about the Perk System? The Gradiant was done by me to make all Perk windows (Warrior, Hunter, Mage, Healer) look different. I'm not a GAT by all means, but when I hardly have GAT help I get the job done.
2.) We have 2 GATs not 20 sarcastic? And the current GAT team really doesn't know anything about GUIs since all of our GUI designs are customized. Better set of default GUIs hmmm maybe. The systems work amazingly although the GUIs could use some work. We have indeed accomplished more then any server on Ios AND PC. When we get a GAT that can really work with a good GUI Design, we will definitely work on this.
3.) Are you talking about the housing map? THats a map system to select where you want your house to be on the overworld. The GUI POrtion isnt finished so it uses a transparent GUI Profile for the time being. BUt if your talking about the Map image it self, the purpose of having that type of map is so players can swap from the Generated map to a drawn map so that there is less cluttered shown and only whats important.

When players are hyped about the biggest project on graal, that wasn't just from videos and snapshot, it was from players being allowed to test the server. They love the content and the amount of things to do. In general they enjoy the game play and that's what we worked so hard to achieve.

If GUIs made the game then zodiac would have 0 players. Zodiacs game is enjoyable although its Graphics tremendously suck. Its GUIs are Majorly inconsistent, you guys even still use the default BLUE GUIs, although most of your GUIs are pitch black. Not saying anything bad about Zodiac "really", but what I'am implying is we definitely set the bar for upcoming graal servers weather or GUIs look like **** or not.
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