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Smile Random Draw for 2400 Gelets and 8 months gold!

Hello Everyone.

In a week or two. One lucky winner will be gifted 2400 Gelets and 8 months gold!

I will be choosing randomly and you may win it!

For you that don't know me, I played years ago on graal and spent over 300$ and won lifetime gold for all servers from the trading cards

Stay online you never know if you'll win this!

I am doing this because i feel generous and I would like someone who's never had or wants to renew their gold to feel like one of the members who have gold.


Rules : You must be on Zone
: If you have more then 5 months Gold membership You will not receive this reward.
: I will decide who with my program that selects random users.
: The winner will either receive a code from ticket surf for the gelets or Send me a giftwish to my email at [email protected]
: The winner will be happy and I will do this event again once every month
: If you have won this wonderful reward once, You can only do it once per two months.
: I will write down the names that have already won it.
: If you make multiple accounts just to get the gelets, I will find out and you will not win.
: In one year i plan to do this event atleast 15 times.
: I wish to become an Planet Admin or an ET on zone. If i get selected I will do my best to host some fun events with some great prizes.
Thanks for reading,
Hi there

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