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flawed logic.

the holiday items are open for 7 days a year yet theres still more of them compared to items from dungeons that are open 24/7 365 days a week.

clearly the logic you used is flawed since there is still only 1 DD and all other holiday items theres at least like 2-7 of them even the OP ones..

anyways, holiday items should be for looks for OP cuz no one dungeons anymore, just wait for xmas or hallooween all of a suddn in 7 days you get the best weps in the game lol.

seems odd that you say items from a 7 day dungeon is harder to get then DD when theres on ly 1 DD still and like 5-10 of every 95% of the OP holiday item so anyone can buy them off a player.

ex: sainted is 1dmg less then DD yet theres like 7 of them lmao??? do dungeon for 7 days or less and get the best sword in the game seems legit?

you can buy a sainted off player yet you cant just buy a DD, still trying to tell me DD less rare then holidays?
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