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request: undo prior DD nerf

when Diamond Dynasty was found, it was 32 dmg and i think 10% faster swing but it was nerfed because compared to the other weapons (epics) at that current time, it was considered too strong.

however... with the recent flood of holiday items its old stats is not considered OP.

1. the hallooween scythe better range and damage also a holiday item

2. the sainted 27 dmg but also has special anti ice abilities however there are like 4-5 in the game so its not really a "rare" sword its a holiday item maybe more come out next year?

3. considering DD is not a holiday item, has no special abilities and the range is much lower then scythe. sofar its the only one on game with 0.05 drop rate. ( i didnt find it)

I believe deserves to get its old stats back or better stats for its rarity and difficulty to get.
Jer ^__^
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