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Originally Posted by scriptless View Post
Dude, are you serious? I will just give you an example or 2 because it's impossible to list the hundreds of examples in just 1 thread..

You know back in the day when we had GS1 only.. and a player logged off the server there was no player log off function. so for example on GK if you logged off and you had items on the trade tables.. you pretty much lost all your hard work. Back when an RoW would net you $50 USD selling outside of graal. And it was rather easy to crash someones client to steal there items.. I lost a few items because of javascript in pm's.. and not just that .. by trying to accomplish something that wasn't possible untill then back many years ago on N-Pulse it caused everyone on the server to delay by about 30 seconds. You would hit the arrow key your player moved 1 tile every 30 seconds..

By moving everything to scripted instead of hard coded they can now apply updates to all platforms at once.

You don't seem to understand that helping us developers... helps you guys in the end.

You call me naive but you need to take a look at the mirror buddy.

Yes, that is correct. If they make everything scripted rather then hard coded it provides a universal experience across mac, windows and linux platforms (and iOS and soon android)
Sure, it has its benefits. But many of the things you point out as something new is stuff that was already there in v5. Removing UDP is a big mistake, imo.

As of now, v6 is a half-assed client on the PC while it works fine on iOS, since that's what Stefan focuses on.

The biggest new features on v6 is mainly superficial, not something that actually betters gameplay. Give me proper examples please, and prove me wrong!

The main difference in v5 between mac/linux and windows was the playerlist and option-windows afaik.
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