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Originally Posted by scriptless View Post
You and I both know Thor gave up on Graal weeks ago.. Your just *****ing because UDP and you obviously have no clue what your talking about. You said higher subscription prices.. that myth is busted.. you said no updates.. thats busted.. stop being an ass and grow up dude
i don't keep tabs on thor

UDP is a big deal, and pretty much the only thing that matters, to classic players

subscription costs have never been higher than now

the updates are not towards players because no one is a player on this game, it's all for developers. developers who make **** servers like zodiac, era, or remake classic, or allow permabanned individuals like thallen and ruxxter to become "bug staff"

as god_pira said, stop being naive, and i'll add to that, idiotic

edit: just read your response as to how v6 has improved your game experience. you quote GS1, which has not been around for awhile now. is it an improvement on v1-4? sure. an improvement over v5? no.
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