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Originally Posted by DustyPorViva View Post
And that's why I never wanted them to be used. I did those Zelda upscales as a project of my own related to Zelda, not Graal. I never wanted them in Graal, hence why I never said they could be used.

All default graphics of Graal used Zelda as a base for structure, but graphics-wise they are pretty original. You can look at Graal as a whole and say "Ya, that reminds me of Zelda" but copy/paste the graphics together and nothing is really the same. Ya, Graal has a bush just like Zelda, but it's not remotely visually similar to the bushes from Zelda other than the fact they are both bushes. Pixels between Zelda and Graal are not interchangeable, and that's the big difference(do people really have a hard time understanding this?).

However his bush graphic is just taking mine, changing the colors and changing some pixels here and there. Like I said it's pretty butchered at this point so I'm not going to hound them over it(though I don't like him saying they aren't mine when they indeed are... or were); but don't act like I'm crazy or something :P
I agree completely with Dusty.

Those bush's look nothing like graal

However, still few tiles, look almost identical. Mainly the castle tiles.

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