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Originally Posted by Bell View Post
I agree, its confusing to a lot of people.

I really don't think that gpackages or the elite scripters providing scripts and documentation will in any way stop new people from learning gscript. Most of todays scripters learned it by tearing apart the work of others and figuring out how it worked anyway.

The major problem with an offline editor using gs2 scripting is the fact you need an npc server for them to actually function and its my understanding that its not really possible offline. The other argument has been to release the source code but since Graal is a gaming platform they sell licensing to thats pretty counterproductive on their part and a bad business decision.
Uh, no.

See, it's confusing to new people because they have to learn it solely from others. I would know GS2 by now if I didn't have to learn it purely by word-of-mouth. And also, things can be done to make GS2 more accessible to new players wanting to develop. This doesn't mean releasing source code or servers or anything. It means replacing that crappy .txt file that's in the editor right now with updated information on syntax.

And if you really want to get fancy about it, Gonstruct (in my sig) has a special feature which is to color-code things in GS2 so that it can be read more easily and mistakes can be found.

These are the kinds of solution this team should be working on. Little revisions like that go a long way.
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