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Guide: GUI Styles

Step One: Find your theme

Go to and search for a WindowBlinds theme that you want to use with Graal v5 and download it.

Step Two: Delete FILENAMECACHE.txt

If you have Graal open. Go ahead and close it. The go to your Graal folder and find FILENAMECACHE.txt and delete it.

Step Three: Place GUIStyle in proper folder

Keep your graal folder open then go to levels/guistyles/. Paste the .wba file that you downloaded in to here.

Take note that the file name will be the name that shows in your options!

Step Four: Select your theme

Now that you've placed the GUIStyle and deleted FILENAMECACHE.txt, reopen Graal. Press F3, then change your Default GUI Style under the video tab.

Step Five: Share your theme

If you find a good theme. Be sure to post a screenshot and a link to it at

Step Six: Create your own theme

If you want to edit a theme, just open it as zip (or rename it to zip) and edit the files. There is usually an *.uis file which is an ini file listing the image files. You can edit by hand or use a tool like from

Playerword Issues: Support Center
Email: [email protected]

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