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one wiser than you would point out the fact that this would be nothing but a simple thread announcing the events taking place on DR, had it not been for you brining your half witted 2 cents into this. But you decided to become a part, and therefore, have too put up with your own mistakes.
My half-witted 2 cents are the results in your constant belief that Dark Rival will amount to something good, but by the looks of the way you're going, I doubt it will at all.

If I were you, I'd treat my 2 cents like 50 bucks, because for what it's worth, you might actually come to your senses and do what I said. I will tell you this once more:

Develop a GOOD style. Have a look at experienced Level Makers, and look at some tutorials. Spanky's, Gori's and Sir Gareth's tutorials helped me alot.

Have a look for Wan's tutorials aswell, they're always good (New tutorial coming soon)
A dream you and I share, unfortuanatly, this thread would be quite small if not for the petty arguments brought into it, and if I didn't constantly have to defend myself agains this harassment, I would be able to continue as planned. Dreams do come true, but only if it's quiet enough to fall asleep.
You keep making up these ideas, and telling us all. It's your fault we're argueing with you. You're saying "We will soon have a new CTF! New rules, and everything!". What you really need is a decent level designer, and a good graphics designer. Either that, or experience yourself.

I respect you for trying to make a playerworld so early, but you have to learn to walk, before you can run.
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