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Originally Posted by Codein
Of course it's here. If it wasn't, we wouldn't have to put up with this crap.
one wiser than you would point out the fact that this would be nothing but a simple thread announcing the events taking place on DR, had it not been for you brining your half witted 2 cents into this. But you decided to become a part, and therefore, have too put up with your own mistakes.
Originally Posted by Skyld
I would like to ask that you stop posting propaganda, and actually work on your server. Quietly.
A dream you and I share, unfortuanatly, this thread would be quite small if not for the petty arguments brought into it, and if I didn't constantly have to defend myself agains this harassment, I would be able to continue as planned. Dreams do come true, but only if it's quiet enough to fall asleep.
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