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I am not totally against anyone even ETD and we have had our bouts in the past, he does at times make statements that I do indeed agee with. Like Npulse , I feel yes it should never entirely lose it's roots but on the other hand it should progress forward to attract new players and create new history. It is the only way the server will survive. I have always in the past as I do now have Npulse best interest at heart and having someone as Staff that is hardly there is not in the best interest of Npulse and at this point in time I cannot devote the time that is needed so anything I may do will be from a backseat position of advice and ideas to throw out to the players and nothing more than that.

The difference of when Moonie and I managed Npulse is we are a Team in real life (Married) so it is natural for us to discuss and work together on things but as in real life no we did not always agree on things but we did work out a compromise with it. Something that is sad to say rare on Graal when there is more than one Manager. So we did have an advantage on this because of our realtionship of many years in real life.

With the help of those who truly want to see Npulse rise again to all it's glory and not interested in their own personal gain, Npulse will indeed rise again.

Just to point out a small detail it is " Teir Dal " , this was the name of the spin off of Npulse Geovanie made. It was the P2P server that never really made it and was combined with Npulse. This was a dark time for Npulse with much confusion and havoc over this, I won't bother going into the details.

Originally Posted by HoudiniMan
I just wasn't sure where he'd be "advising" from, if it was at home with Moonie, he wouldn't have had to make a post. Certainly still possible he never intended to have RC, but it wouldn't be good if people were depending on him on the server itself, or if there was an account with rights left unattended. Having unused RCs isn't the N-Pulse style, and it shouldn't be anybody's.
Again HM you are making your opinions on things you don't know about, you should really ask before making such statements. I post because I am still a part of the Graal community and have a valid interest in what goes on with Graal. You really need to keep in mind , I will be 50 this year and have no desire to play the childish power games that many do on here. I would like to see the game and well as the community grow and prosper.

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