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MG.. I would of never thought I would of heard you say that. :O

Anyway.. I guess I was one of those oldbies who wanted the old times. I still couldnt to this day see N-Pulse as a totaly new server. When it was changed from when Zido was in manager it lost all its feel.. and Zido being manager deffintaly made it change. But anyway.. I bearly play anymore so I guess it shouldnt bother me.

Somone told me an idea of brining back tri-dal and fixing that totaly up. I think that would be a great idea. Fix up the towns, fill in the blanks.. and kill the kingdom idea that Geo made. There would be alot to work with.. it's has its some what classic feel.. but new.

N-Pulse just has to get over the 1 attitude it has always has ' this is good enough'. Nothing on N-Pulse was really that great.. GFX are old, levels were crap, scripts are untalkable of, ganis are even worse.. But it 'just did'. Who ever gets N-Pulse needs to really think hard and work out alot of its problems and really know where it should now be heading.

Oh and one other thing.. isf staff are being corrupt.. fire them! Not have this ' oh but there a good scripter'. Sure they can probablly DO the job but they dont and they are corrupted. We had that so damn much on NP... which was really half the problem of why nothing ever got done.
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