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Originally Posted by Hiro View Post
i'd like to discuss classic servers in terms of their overall size and organization. it seems that each server in this theme always aims to have a giant 100 level overworld... it seems quite time consuming to make and design 100+ levels when you could make 20 levels and accomplish the same goal...
Not saying this should apply for all servers but in the server im developing I like to have towns spaced out as it gives you that kinda travel feel. Each town has its advantages and activities to do. Having a small map of 30 levels is too crammed. While you do present a good point I don't think there is much point in this thread since it all depends on the server type. In UN if they shrunk the map I don't believe it would be as much fun as it takes away some of the adventure element, same applies for zodiac.

However for new player worlds I do think they should take this approach and not aim for a giant and never get it all done. My main post is while this is a good idea it all depends on the server idea basically...
Originally Posted by Crono View Post
No look at it, Stefan is totally trolling Thor. Calling Classic a "playerworld" (something it's not supposed to be) is the ultimate subtle insult to a true fan.

It's genius.
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