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size of overworlds

i'd like to discuss classic servers in terms of their overall size and organization. it seems that each server in this theme always aims to have a giant 100 level overworld when it seems that the same atmosphere could be produced on a 30 level one.

it's been discussed before about how these bigger overworlds tend to end up as wasted space. player's naturally gravitate towards two or three spots on the overworld, so they only need so many levels for them to spread out on. with some good organization, all the places and events you need to provide to players can be placed well within a level or two of these spots.

so we know that (besides for maybe some exploration affect) these bigger overworlds generally do not get used, and yet every new server that has been put under construction (or reconstruction in some cases) seems to aim at bloated overworlds. is there some sort of expectation by the PWA which demands for a larger-than-necessary overworld, or is it just that people think a small overworld would suck?

for levelers, you cannot seriously consider these monstrosities to be an easy task? especially for those preparing an overworld for construction, it seems quite time consuming to make and design 100+ levels when you could make 20 levels and accomplish the same goal...
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