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Updates/Changelog (this is posted on our facebook page and in-game) but I figured I would post it here as well just to show that we are making progress.


Updated View/Map and View/Minimap, View/Account
Updated map image
disabled useless gui stuff
Updated guis - achievemtns, options,commands and rules (need tabs tho)
changed the trunk image (still working on making the items display right)
updated entire gmap all image should disply unless I missed one
updated almost all the inside levels except one b.c I got lazy
added more furni to the furni shop
got rid of all images not starting with gf_
added 10 new images
make it so warehouse npcs has target animation, same in cityhall (will do this for all npcs that you can talk to)
made the rules/commands/news into one gui (just added a news tab)
enabled tips window - press 4 its basically a newbie guide (txt needs to be updated)

players no longer drop money when they die
to reset your kds it cos't $1,000

Added new building style to gmap
uploaded some missing images
started working on subway
came up with concept ideas for weapons

added 2 new images
finished mk7 reload,idle
added several new buildings to the gmap
added sign script (will display the current name of building when you get close to the sigh)
finished backpack gani

Finished item system
added more images
Updates all outside levels and inside levels
added more inside levels
add weather system w/ clouds

Finsihed login screen
finished , ups45,45mag,cm901,striker,subm, m16a4 ganis
made it so when you get close to the shop clerk the enter key displays
made it so item names show up in inventroy when cursor is over the item

bug fixes, fixed the message system will now resize with screen, fixed distorted inventory now displays properly
Added level lock for all items
finished gun systems
when a user dies they now only get +1 death added.
minimap will now dl for players when they login
streetlights now display properly
when delivering packages you will now get payed a certian amount depening on your player level
bottom bar gui finished and added
Faq in support center has been updated
delivering packages now earns exp
fish can now be sold
enabled hunger
released food
released 2 jobs
added 5 hotdog stand shops around the gmap for food
fixed tile errors

loading ammo has been fixed
continued working on car system
started gmap expansion

continued working on car system
started working on mining game
began expanding the gmap more

continuted working on gmap
continued working on mining game

continued working on gmap
continuted working on mining mini game (90% done)
It's okay....
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