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Originally Posted by scooter123 View Post
This event would span through the week.
That's just a delay for no reason, and it could end up costing some people the event since someone may not be able to make it that day. One day will be sufficent for this event.

I'm not quitting, I meant I may quit if "things" happen.
"I'm qutting Zone anyway so idc"-Scooter123

Adding to your idea from here: Best of 3. Winner of the first round can decide which planet to play on (Koth and Gwars only, maybe Iricia depending if anyone is playing on it.)

The prize could be an increase damage of 2(Change if you want) with all guns that are not in the Gelat shop, or a small speed increase with every class. This should give interest for people to form there own squads, or join their friends. (Yes I know you used Zone money as the current system will not allow these ideas to take place)
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