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Hm I don't really feel comfortable with the website
it looks like some advertising casino site now...

It's a good thing that it has that "Try now" etc to make people actually play instead of walking all the steps through like downloading etc.

The menu is very simple designed.

In other words, you only thought about the psychological aspects of the website instead of thinking of the design and so on :|

The varity of fonts used on the "Try now" things is good
I liked the other version of the homepage better you showed me once, designwise, unixmad.

The GUI ingame on "Games" server is a bit bugged but nontheless good designed. the only thing that bothers is the streched background at it :P

I can't really tell my opinion about speed improvements what skyld said because I'm on vacation in Tirol right now and in this hotel my internet isn't as fast also its 3:27 AM, my mom is snoring and yea, can't sleep...

I didn't really notice any changed of the playerlist except the layout of the thing (smaller [X] and buttons, optimized for XP probably, and a bold font.

The Login GUI looks nicer now and not as nooby as it used to be lol.
Still, there's a slight bug with the "Account Info" tab, its still in old-style-GUI and has a little font-size.

It is sad that the preview screens of the playerworlds haven't changed afterall, the Zone preview looks really sad, but the Tutorial thing is nice, ingame.

But basicly the game is based on "buy things to play" MOSTLY.
Not saying that it's all like that, you can still play servers etc but people will probably play more the "Games" server since most ADDICTS are just idling on servers waiting for some kind of miracle.

The only thing I'm waiting on now is Graal 3D.

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