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Around 2003/2004 being the little pest that I was back in the day, talking smack like a 13 year old would then getting Plasma and Juggernaut protect me. Being blacklisted from every kingdom cause I was in Loxeus.

Making fun of Nayoko for being a bus driver..

Ruining weddings with Tigarius before he went straight edge..

Finally being let into a Kingdom and my rank was made "Jr MiniMage"

Camping the trade doors with directors and the lightning walls. Since I was such low level I could stack them to pretty much be an instant KO on anyone in the game, then i'd run and hide in the barrel so I couldn't be meleed and shoot missiles from it.

The whole belol'olympn thing (or w/e the hell that was) where I was the lamest prince of evil ever.

Selling Craigus a demon shield for USD I scammed so I could pay for 2 years of gold and VIP.

Oasa4empror of zormite.

I could go on for days. Such good times.

Also pissing off Zero Hour is up there. Stephen the IRL zormite.

Messing with whoever that french GP was.. Sam maybe?
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