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Originally Posted by Kain4lyfe View Post
I myself do not like to use dither on pathway stones because they are usually smooth and consist of having a highlight like Dusty did above. Yes, contrast will help a lot to make tiles look continuous without having that repetitive effect that some may see a lot. 2x2 tiles also helps eliminate this a lot as well instead of using only a single tile. Anubis mentioned ice, to do ice you do not use dither at all since it would give it a texture of it not being smooth. Ice also have really strong highlights. When I usually draw or do graphics I look at a lot of references before I do anything. References will help a lot to become a better artist.
wasn't ment to be ice,
the setting is supposed to be medieval-ish, and i don't think they made their rocks very smooth back then. Thanks for the C&C tho.

Originally Posted by alarid0 View Post
Blue stone doesn't have to equate to a wintery scene...
Is this going to use the default graal bodies? Could we see a character layed over the tiles?
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