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Originally Posted by jkool666 View Post
You can doubt it all you want, regardless it still happened many times in the past. I think I've been online for a few more events then you have ;P.
I'm talking like, quite a while ago, longer then 4 months ;P.

Who said that people couldn't?
You generalized an age group saying that 12 - 13 year old young adults are immature, though I understand that you said majority, that doesn't mean you shouldn't hire them for ET.

That was 4 months ago, lets say three years ago, remember the temporarily playercount boost then? Much greater then now but as you can see now playercount seems to be dropping, I just saw that GK had more players then Zone, that's like WOW! It rarely happens.
Originally Posted by Huwajux View Post
The pistols look like they have cancer, reduce the big buboe shaped thing's size.
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