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Originally Posted by jkool666 View Post

1. "Temporary Playercount Boost"
2. In my opinion "Temporary Playercount Boost" means players that log on for a period of time, perhaps the length of an event or series of events perhaps? Then log off immediately after that.

Someone who doesn't act like an idiot all the time.
I doubt that truly happens much, we don't get a playercount boost, we just have some players log on to lame, we both know this is true, though I will say that some events do bring in older players which is nice but only events such as your 2 v 2 spar, deathmatch events and older events (not like snowrace)

Someone who doesn't act like an idiot all the time? That could mean a six year old could be mature, since they may be shy and not talk and muck around much.
When someone matures they develop a more fully developed personality and emotional behavior, also maturity is also a way of describing the development of the body, therefore both of those show that maturity isn't shown at a certain age, it varies from person to person, some mature young, some mature old and some don't mature for a long time. Remember that girl who started to mature at the age of eight? That just shows that you can mature at any age.
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The pistols look like they have cancer, reduce the big buboe shaped thing's size.
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