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Originally Posted by Waltz5
Dude he already said he basically took it. And just because you come up with a style, which isn't even the case, doesn't make it yours.

As for the level itself, it's not that bad at all. Personally I think that fence style is ugly and totally impractical... but hey if you like it go for it.

Hello, my name is Sergeant Sarcasm. I am here today to teach you a new word!

"Sarcasm" (thats pronouced SAR-CAS-EM) is a witty comment meant to poke fun at someone or something, and can often mean the opposite of what it actually says!

For example:

Jane: I GOTZ A 65 ON MY TEST !!
Adam: Oh, wow, you're reeeaaal smart Jane!

Now, obviously in this exchange, Adam does not believe Jane to actually be intelligent, as a 65 is not a good score on a test. You can also tell by the way he drags the word "real" out that something might be slightly mocking about his statement!

Now, let us analyze the small exchange between "Crono1508" and "Inspiration" on the Graal Online Message Board.

"Crono1508" has posted a level, and credits the style to a "UM".

Then, the next post afterwards another user named "Inspiration" comments that something might be familar about it! Hmm, I wonder why this could be! He also says "Oh wait." Well what for what! I just don't get it.

Oh! I see now! According to his signature, his name is unknownmirage, which is probably the "UM" mentioned in "Crono1508"s post!

Now, we can assume by the word "Yeah" in "UM"s post, that he is acknowledging "Crono1508"s comment, and that he reconizes this style to be familar! Being that he does not once accuse "Crono1508" of stealing or copying, and does not make a single hostile remark to him, must mean something!!

Which now brings us back to the final part. "Oh wait". I think I get it now! He was acting like he just came to the realization that HE was unknownmirage , the person who made the fencing style that inspired "Crono1508" and was being sarcastic all along!!

unknownmirage, you clever devil you!

Sergeant Sarcasm, over and out!
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