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Originally Posted by Tim_Rocks View Post
Sadly everything I've read so far is accurate in regards to the server and the development, however I do not believe the staff to be a corrupt bunch of kids. The real problem we should focus on is Graal as a whole. The game has been in decline for quite sometime now. It's obvious management is now nonexistent. Unixmad the man running the show is a ghost. He is the real reason for the lack of support that's been driving developers away for years.
Ghost? are you okay? You don't even know what your talking about. For requests I had to wait weeks for Stefan to respond, Unixmad responds within a few hours no matter what time it is. He is actually socially engaged in all of his staff directly. Unlike Stefan, he is just a message away. So speak for your self, the only person that was inactive in this game was you. You can't really blame unixmad for how poor era is doing, that's eras fault. Look at Snakeandy for an example!! He single handedly brought his server from 200 players to over 3000 players. Blaming Unixmad is just an excuse for your lack of development.

Originally Posted by Godzilla View Post
Good ****ing luck, short ended; no one cares about this corrupt pathetic team.
Let's be clear; I don't think anyone really gives a **** anymore man, we've put up with this pathetic **** for how many years? We've given up, no one cares for your opinion just like no one cares about mine, we're all so driven into a close minded mentality because of the attitude of the community driven by the abusive, power-hungry kids we let run this place.
Then why waste your time replying if you don't care? Or even the need to complain.
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